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Wilhelmina Weighted duvet

Wilhelmina Weighted duvet



500 000 svenskar kan inte ha fel, tyngdtäcket fungerar


Upplever bättre sömn med tyngdtäcke.


Upplever färre nattliga uppvaknanden med tyngdtäcke.


Upplever snabbare insomning med tyngdtäcke.


Upplever minskad stress, oro eller ångest tack vare tyngdtäcke.


Känner sig mer utvilade tack vare tyngdtäcke.

Weighted duvets have been used in healthcare for a long time thanks to their calming and anxiety-reducing effects. The weight stimulates nerves under the skin in the same way as a massage. When these nerves are stimulated, it releases feel-good hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin, while lowering levels of stress hormone cortisol. This is called Deep Pressure Tissue Stimulation (DPST).

The Wilhelmina duvet is filled with hypo-allergenic glass beads and is made out of the finest cotton, pair this with the wonderful soft cover that is included, and you have an ideal sleep experience for years to come. The cotton duvet, whose diamond pattern has a 20% angle, is inspired by Eastern Feng shui and Hartmann lines, based on the tradition that angles who harmonize with the earth’s radiation have a calming effect. This tight grid pattern provides an ergonomic pressure that smoothly follows the body’s movements.

The soft cotton fabric makes Wilhelmina one of the cooler duvets on the market. For those who prefer a warmer bedroom environment, our stylish and functional soft cover is perfect.

The effect

The weight distribution in the Wilhelmina duvet is even kilograms and the recommendation for best use and effectiveness is about 15-20% of your body weight. The duvet embraces your body, lowering the level of the stress hormone cortisol. Instead, it releases the hormones oxytocin and serotonin, so you will settle down more easily for as night of undisturbed sleep.

 5 different weight classes

 To ensure that the many benefits of weighted duvet benefits as many people as possible, Wilhelmina is available in 5 weights, from 6 to 14 kilos. We recommend that you choose a quilt equivalent to about 15-20% of your own body weight.

Children under 3 should not use a weighted duvet.

Important to consider!

The weight of the duvet should not be heavier than the person who is going to handle it. If there are underlying medical conditions such as heart disease, reduced lung capacity, reduced muscle function or susceptibility to pressure sores, you should talk to your doctor before using a weighted duvet.